Science is Materially Crippled

and Therefor Morally Lame

Supplicants of particle measurement will find Science handy, however, life's important matters are immaterially beyond the meager limits of material science: justice, freedom, liberty, greed, sexual decisions leading to death, trust, hope, love, inspiration - the will to live and love.

Scientism is the religion that holds all beliefs are unreasonable, invalid and untrue until Scientists create a test and approve of your belief.

The Scientific method cannot scientifically define or prove TRUTH, metaphysical aesthetics or even HISTORY ITSELF.

Atheists pride themselves on debunking anything containing tautology, but when asked to define truth, fact or evidence, WATCH THE TAUTOLOGY FESTIVAL BEGIN.

Question: Atheist Answer:
What is Fact? Things proven by Evidence
What is Evidence? Facts used to prove Evidence.
What is Truth? Whatever Science can Prove
You mean by the circle of fact and material evidence? Umm...Yes.
But isn't all of this grossly tautological, a big taboo in the religion of Scientism? No! I mean, well...yes....why are you being rude? Where is your faith in Scientism?

Can science measure the immaterial?

Are all things material?



Do you agree that Truth, Perceptions of Beauty, the Past, History, Friendship, Mathematical Logic and Morality are universally held to be true in that they exist? Of course.
But they are not material? No they are not. Oh...I see...
Since they are immaterial, ergo metaphysical, and universally regarded as true, doesn't this prove Science is incapable of proving known truths, constructs and things that exist? I confess, it does seem to squarely prove Science incapable of detecting truths even a child can detect.
So Humans might be superior in truth detection to the vast majority of lab equipment? I concede this point. I see where you are going so allow me: It would be unreasonable to exclusively rely on science for truth since the most important things in life are beyond its material scope.
Roughly, what Percentage of All Things has Science been able to test for and catalog? If I'm honest, I'd have to say an infinitesimal fractional subset.
So How can we be sure God is not in the infinite superset of things beyond the present state of Science? He most likely would be, if I'm honest. Btw, are you allergic to peanuts...because I do have an extra NuttyBuddy...
Does Something need to be repeatable and observable for Science to consider it true? Yes
But my Daughter's 16th Birthday, History, Evolution, the Big Bang are not subject to repeated observation. Are they not true? I see your point. I suppose claiming Science is an exclusive bar for truth is a little embarrassing, considering these things. I suppose Academia has played a joke on my intellect.
So Science is riddled with tautology, contradictions, severe limitations and hypocrisy? It certainly appears this is true.
Can Science help us with the most pressing questions of today? Sure - Science is everything we need :-)
What does Science say about memes bringing incalculable death payloads such as Islam and the atheist advocated: Homosexuality, Promiscuity & Abortion, sharing undeniable causal relationships to myriad death, disease, suffering & economic burdens? Science can only admit Atheist beliefs lead to well documented Atheist Utopia democide, millions of exterminated babies and millions of young men stealthily killing each other with our encouragement and support, but even so, we cannot say abortion, homosexuality and promiscuity are morally wrong, despite their death tolls.
Considering the oceanic weakness of Science and inability to define or detect so many things or even answer basic moral questions, why should we have faith Science can muster the capacity to detect or measure God who by definition transcends all things in the same way an Author transcends the characters in his novel?

We are still The BRIGHTS and we are agenda-free unbiased experts at telling you what is true. Science is on our side.

We are not interested in fairy tales about God, Jesus, crucifixion, Resurrection and some fictional JUDGEMENT DAY.

No Further Questions Your Honor - The Prosecution rests. Science Fails

Beyond Scientific Measurement: Right, Wrong, Honor, Love, Beauty, Cruelty, Perversion, Greed, Sacrifice, Loneliness, Desolation, Righteousness, Hatred, False Testimony, Slander, Charity, Family, Poetry, the Arts, Literature, Distinguishing Rightful and Abusive of Sex

Science can't even prove VIVISECTION is wrong or that we should remove Kim Jong-il who daily inflicts unspeakable horrors upon men, women and children. When it comes to taking MUCH NEEDED moral action against CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGERS, the human conscience stands tall and alone on the podium, waiting for Science, the fat carcinogen producing Big Pharma swindling animal torturing sweating chubby kid that has no moral game, to catch up.